Since 1990, Yılka has been active in the sector of automotive electronic. Through these years, our firm provides a fundamental place for itself in the market, it managed to remain standing and day by day continued to progress rapidly. Concerning today our firm owns a wide range of products. Here are some of the products that our firm produce:


* Electronic Fluoresant Ballasts
* Illumination Armatures
* DC/DC Converters
* DC/AC Invertors
* 24 V Amplifier
* Remote Controllers
* Electronic Flashers
* Wiper Automatics
Our firm, which enters the twenty-first century with a new understanding, as a first step got the ISO9001 Quality System Certificate from AQA Documentary Association and throughout this direction, our firm determined a larger and future orientated targets. Here are these targets:
* To follow the contemporary technology in the sector at a close range, to take the new products into production programme are all for making our country gain from the latest recentness.
* To submit a world standard, best quality,economical product which will meet the need for our customers expectations.
* To form an understanding of product progress by the help of customers opinions and suggestions.
* To form some procedures for abolishing the faulty applications and go forward fast, on the way to zero mistake.
By the lights of these targets,our firm will go on ıts progress, without appeasing its honest and principledworking standards